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30 October 2019

Nawaz Sharif refuses to be examined by a government doctor

Insists to be inspected by personal doctor

PR Daily Brief | Nidhi Dalal

30 October 2019

According to Dawn, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif refused to be inspected by a doctor who was employed by the government while in NAB custody. Sharif is under ten-day NAB custody regarding the Chaudhary Sugar Mills case. He has refused to be seen by the official doctor and has demanded to be seen by Dr Adnan Khan, his personal doctor. Dr Khan had earlier visited Sharif thrice during October. Sharif was admitted to Services Hospital on 21 October after considering reports and advice given by Dr Khan.
Sharif did not allow any of the government doctors to inspect him before 21 October after he was moved to Services Hospital. The doctors posted at the place were only allowed to check his blood pressure and his blood tests were taken by Dr Khan.

According to a report checked by Dr Khan, Sharif’s blood count was shown to be at dangerous 18,000 platelets. An official told the Dawn that it was difficult to correctly gauge the status of his health since he has refused to be checked by anybody other than his personal doctor.

Dr Khan had tweeted earlier about Sharif’s deteriorating health especially in wake of his kidney functions, low platelet count, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and heart attack. NAB wrote a letter to Dr Khan requesting him to refrain from spreading incorrect information about Sharif’s health as he was taken care of by the medical authorities. Keeping in mind the cardiac problems, Sharif was provided with home-cooked food, three doctors, round-the-clock staff and an ambulance.

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